There is magic in the ‘publish’ button.

I swear by it.  When it comes to writing privately, I can think through ideas, scribble them down in a journal, or if I’m on the go, Evernote.  I can organize thoughts, erasing and back-tapping and delete-delete-delete.  But eventually I leave the story unfinished, incomplete, an idea hanging mid-air.  Blogging is different.  Faced with the concept of ‘publish’, hard internal dialogue pursues.  The art of crafting a sentence and communicating an idea emerges.  There is magic in the ‘publish’ button.

I am facing a new adventure (more on that later) which calls me to develop and communicate ideas effectively; to stretch the bounds of current knowledge.  My hope for this platform is that it fosters a process of idea creation.

During college one of my favorite wine-down activities (yeah, wine-down) was to pour over a topic that I was passionate about and wanted to share with friends.  After a day of school, work, activities, and marathon training (I was once that person), blogging was a respite.  Flow happened.  Ideas took shape and clarified.  I learned from others and myself.  The resting time between ‘pause’ and ‘publish’ was restorative and challenging all at once; usually the length of 48 hours.  All of those past musings still live somewhere  on the web, hiding under banners of ‘It’s a Fabulous Life‘ and ‘Life Like Sailboats‘, titles which reflect the mood of past seasons.

The practice of consistent writing dwindled after picking up new hobbies, new jobs, a new husband, and a new puppy.  I’ll look back on that period as “the 4 years I was too lazy to clarify.”

Next week, I am starting the Whole30 challenge.  During the program, you eliminate grains, dairy, and sugar from your diet.  Healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado, and something called clarified butter are encouraged for consumption.  In my search for understanding why ‘clarified’ butter must somehow be better than normal, regular butter, I stumbled upon the point of difference: butterfat.  The process of clarifying butter separates the milk solids and water from the pure butterfat; only the best is left.

For me, the difference between writing privately and publishing is removing all but the butterfat.  Only the best is left.  The promise of the publish button lingers.  The magic happens. 

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