teaching philosophy


RELEVANCE //  CONNECT with students and EQUIP them with marketing concepts that they can apply to their future careers.  

For me, connection with students drives relevancy. I practice empathy in my teaching, doing my best to understand where students are in their educational, professional, and life journeys. On the first day of class, I ask my students to share a goal that they have for the future. Sometimes these goals are professionally related, but many times students share personal passions: to train for an Ironman race; to join the Peace Corps; to own 5 rental homes by the age of 30; to have a family. Sharing goals initially serves as an icebreaker but ultimately empowers students to understand their knowledge of business in terms of their larger life desires. I use my knowledge of student interests to explain marketing concepts through relevant stories and case studies. I also encourage students to connect with one another during class through meaningful in-class conversations and shared experiences.

“I truly have never had an instructor truly want to engage the students as much as she does. Her class is interesting and she provides a ton of realworld examples, this was one of the first classes that truly interested me.” – Student, Fall 2018 Global Marketing

“Everyone is heard and engaged in class discussion because Sarah does such a phenomenal job of facilitating and fostering an open learning environment.” – Student, Spring 2020 Intro to Marketing

“Sarah Grace is amazing. She takes a class that should be fun and interesting and makes it just that. I love the way she sets the course and her class up. All assignments are straight to the point and I’ve learned SO MUCH from being in this class. Such useful knowledge to have!” -Student, Fall 2019 Global Marketing

“I loved all of the real-world examples that were used in this course. The examples really helped out with the concepts that were a bit more complicated to understand.” – Student, Spring 2020 Intro to Marketing

“I love how the course was set up to stimulate real world situations rather than text-book knowledge and tests. I have taken away so much from this course/professor and wish I could take it again.” – Student, Fall 2018 Global Marketing


INTERDISCIPLINARY CRITICAL THINKING //  I teach students how to THINK and ADAPT in a changing marketplace. 

I believe that interdisciplinary critical thinking fosters excellence. Critical thinking challenges us past what we think we know and allows space for exploration of new ideas and integration into old ideas. Given marketing’s interdisciplinary nature, I draw upon ideas from adjacent business fields, economics, global politics, history, sociology, and anthropology to illustrate how key marketing concepts come to life. And knowing that a classroom contains many different student backgrounds and futures, I seek to make marketing concepts relevant to a wide variety of career paths. I focus on development of transferable thinking skills that students can apply to any future career or endeavor in a rapidly changing marketplace.

“It is a course where ideas are stretched and your viewpoint will be changed on how you look at every situation in your daily life, domestically, and in your professional career.” – Student, Fall 2018 Global Marketing

“I am not a Marketing major, but Sarah made me really love Marketing, and she made me think about a lot of different things that I may not have initially thought about.” – Student, Spring 2020 Intro to Marketing

“This is one of the few classes that towards the end makes you feel like you have acquired a skill you can apply in the real world. It is really hard to teach about cultural intelligence, but Professor Grace does it beautifully.” – Student, Fall 2018 Global Marketing


SINCERITY //   I bring my genuine ENTHUSIASM and CARE to the classroom. 

I genuinely love teaching and guiding students through their educational journey. I hope to foster curiosity, making the classroom a safe place for idea exploration. I believe in care and mutual respect as a way to encourage student potential. I place a strong emphasis on value development in students. I believe that in business, ethics and emotional awareness are just as important as intelligence. I do not tolerate cheating but reward critical thinking and creative application of concepts.

“Professor Grace is amazing. She is very communicative, very engaging, extremely helpful, and very understanding. Anytime through-out the semester; if there was an issue she was very responsive when approached whether it was email or in person. She is a very sweet and helpful individual and wants you to pass and wants you to learn the material while enjoying learning.” – Student, Spring 2019 Global Marketing

“Sarah Grace has by far been one of my favorite professors throughout my time here. She has a passion for understanding business from a global perspective and it shows in her teaching. She is incredibly understanding but also fair when it comes to assignments.” – Student, Fall 2019 Global Marketing

“Easily one of my favorite professors throughout my experience in college. Always understanding and willing to discuss any issues. Resources were used well and really benefited helping me gain knowledge on all topics.” – Student, Spring 2019 Global Marketing