Hi there! I’m Sarah C. Grace – a curious and thoughtful lifelong learner who aspires to positively shape worldviews and provoke change in culture.

I creatively research, synthesize, and share meaningful ideas in the domain of consumer culture and marketing strategy. 

I’m passionate about understanding the role of marketing in society, culture, and the everyday lives of consumers. This is what set me on a path to complete my PhD in Marketing at the University of Arkansas, studying under the gracious direction Jeff Murray and the foundations of Consumer Culture Theory and Macromarketing.

My research explores the phenomenon of social acceleration. What does that mean?

Consider this: Consumer culture is fast. Goods, services, people, ideas, and values – the material and nonmaterial aspects of culture – are moving more quickly throughout the marketing system than ever before. Such acceleration effects diverse stakeholders: people, publics, and planet. My research explores this hastened temporality in modern society, how markets and consumers co-create systems of meaning that normalize fastness in all aspects of life… and what this means for the world we all live in.

Social acceleration is (ahem) a timely topic, and I look forward to engaging with marketers, scholars, policy makers, and global citizens to further explore its impact.